Body Positive Inc.

Body Positive Inc.

Body Positive Inc. is a group founded by and run for people with HIV/AIDS. We welcome all people living with HIV and AIDS in New Zealand.
Body Positive Inc. breaks down isolation and builds a sense of community while advocating on behalf of HIV+ people on a national level.
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A One Day Seminar on HIV in New Zealand
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Featured Soundbite:
Towards a Cure
Dr James McMahon
MSM, Drug Use & Sex
A/Prof Garrett Prestage
NZPrEP Study - Progress to Date
Dr Sunita Azariah
PrEP in the Community
Joe Rich
Retention in Care
Dr James McMahon
Barriers to Testing
Dr Chris Hopkins
Gonorrhoea Vaccine
Dr Helen Petousis-Harris & Dr Peter Saxton
Undetectable: The Patients Response
Peer Navigator Team
HIV: A Public Health or Criminal issue?
Dr David Sinclair
HIV & New Zealand Immigration
David Cooper
Outline: What is it and how did it start?
Trevor Easton
Long Acting Injectables
Dr Simon Briggs
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Featured Video:
Gay Men’s Sexual Health
Sexual Health 101 - Including HIV, Syphilis and Gonorrhoea
Community Engagement
Highlighting the community response to HIV/AIDS in Australia - Presented by NAPWHA
Gay Sex & Risk
How to avoid getting HIV and how to avoid passing it on to others
Everything you want or need to know about PrEP
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