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Simple free access to PrEP over the phone

Body Positive in partnership with Auckland Sexual Health now have an innovative new solution to PrEP delivery.

The preferred route to access PrEP is to have a discussion with your family doctor, however many MSM are not comfortable discussing their sexuality with their GP nor specific sexual practices that may pose a risk of HIV acquisition.

TelePrEP is peer focused, allowing you to have a discussion about PrEP and if it is right for you, with a trained Peer Advisor in the community rather than a healthcare professional. If you then want to start PrEP, the Peer Advisor with setup a quick Telehealth appointment over the phone for you with Auckland Sexual Health, allowing you to start PrEP simply and free of charge, without having to visit a GP or Clinic.

How does TelePrEP work?

Step 1
Pop along to the free drop-in clinic at Body Positive in Auckland and have a discussion with a Peer Adviser. They will do an evaluation to make sure PrEP is appropriate for you, along with HIV & STI testing.
Step 2
Auckland Sexual Health will give you a quick call to confirm your details and setup a virtual phone appointment. Then pop along to any branch of Labtests prior to your virtual appointment and have some blood taken.
Step 3
After your virtual phone appointment with Auckland Sexual Health, an electronic script will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice, so you can pop along anytime and collect your PrEP prescription.
The service is completely free of charge
The only potential cost is the $5 pharmacy dispensing fee for the prescription, however some pharmacies now offer free prescriptions

Who can access TelePrEP?

At the moment the TelePrEP service is being run as a pilot programme, so it's currently only available to Maori or Pacifica MSM (men who have sex with men) within the Auckland Region.

We hope to expand access for the service over time.
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