Body Positive Policy Statements

Policy Statements

Treatment and Prevention

Body Positive adopts the following positions on treatment and prevention;

Body Positive affirms the primary public health response to the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections should be the dissemination of education and the promotion of effective condom use.

For people living with HIV:

Access to treatment: Body positive supports access to fully funded ART regardless of CD4 count and affirm this being a personal decision in consultation with their physician. Additionally Body Positive supports access programmes for those who are not in receipt of subsidised medication in the interests of public health.

TasP: Body Positive supports partners with HIV in serodiscordant couples receiving ART to reduce transmission to uninfected partners and acknowledges adherence is paramount to its effectiveness.

PrEP: Body Positive supports fully funded access to PrEP as a first line defence against the spread of HIV where clinical indicators suggest there is a serious and imminent risk to another’s health.

PEP: Body Positive supports fully funded access to PEP across a full range of risk exposures.
  • ART anti-retroviral therapy
  • CD4 cluster of differentiation 4, a glycoprotein found on the surface of immune cells
  • HIV human immunodeficiency virus
  • PEP post exposure prophylaxis
  • PrEP pre exposure prophylaxis
  • TasP treatment as prevention
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