NZAF Update
Jason Myers, Executive Director
The NZAF strategy centred on the social marketing of condom-use supported by community development,
testing, challenging HIV stigma, supporting people living with HIV and policy advocacy
Re-oriented Health Service, increasing HIV testing from 2200 to 4200 annually
Sustained social marketing of condom-use through Love Your Condom and Love Cover Protect, distributing
over 600,000 condoms annually
While HIV prevalence remains low in New Zealand, evidence suggests that the epidemic continues to grow,
particularly among GBM, and that sexual risk behaviour may also be on the rise among this group
Recent scientific breakthroughs, supported by real-world evidence, demonstrate that treatment-based
prevention can complement existing condom promotion efforts to drive down new HIV infections (START,
HPTN052, PARTNER, iPrEx, PROUD, Ipergay)
A strategy for ending HIV in NZ
A new brand