A new focus group. Join us if you are interested

Focus Group: 7pm-9pm, Thursday 14th April 2016, Body Positive, 1/3 Poynton Terrace, Auckland.

Facilitated discussion regarding supports for people engaged in Chemsex. We will highlight some of the techniques that have been used successfully elsewhere and brainstorm what would be of benefit here in New Zealand.
Your opinion is valuable and would appreciate your attendance to share your thoughts.
A number of agencies have come together to engage in this topic including CADS, BodyPositive, NZAF, Rainbow Youth, Outline and CAYAD.
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Do you feel you are in control of your chem use?

Do you feel horny and sexy without drugs?

Have you missed days at work/college/family events due to chems?

Who is your best friend, and are they seeing enough of you, and enjoying your friendship?

Are your shags considerate, and do they care that you’ll remember the experience fondly?
If you’re in the Auckland area and regularly use chems or have chemsex…
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Starting in February 2016, a series of focus groups will take place to help evaluate what services are required in Auckland to better support people engaging in chemsex in the city. These will be confidential and safe. Do you have time to talk?