Sex+, a 6 week sex and self confidence workshop for gay and bisexual HIV+ men.


Getting what you want from sex?
Want a better, hotter and healthier sex life?
Want to talk about sex?
A free workshop for all men who have sex with men
A free workshop for all men who have sex with men

What is Sex+?

A free six week sex and self-confidence workshop for men who have sex with men, and is open to both poz and neg guys.

Are you getting what you want from sex? What does great sex mean to you?

Everyone is different and this is your opportunity to talk openly and meaningfully about your sex life. Sexual health includes having great sex and this is your chance to discover what that looks like for you and be accepting of your sexual self.

We’ll also talk about HIV, Undetectable Viral Load, sexually transmitted infections, HIV disclosure, Porn, Apps and how we can find our own way to great sex.

Who can join?

  • Only men over 18 years old and who identify as gay or bisexual are eligible
  • We meet for two hours once a week, for six weeks
  • Confidentiality and safety are a priority
  • We talk about sex!


The workshops will be held at Body Positive House in Auckland and will start on Wednesday 31st October 2018.

The group will meet from 6-8pm every Wednesday, for six weeks.
      Bias-free zone      
      We actually talk about sex      
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