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Personalised app responds to unique health needs of HIV-affected groups

HIV-affected groups personalised app
A global team of medical researchers from NZ and the UK are developing a transformative health app to help support positive health changes in people living with HIV.

Health apps now provide people living with chronic conditions life-changing tools to help them manage their disease. Despite recent availability of health apps, current developments for people living with HIV (PLHIV) have been limited.

In response to this, a global team of app developers and medical researchers from the University of Nottingham U.K. and University of Auckland N.Z. are launching the “mPOWR Project” to gather vital data about the health needs of PLHIV. Research teams require specific feedback about how PLHIV manage mental and behavioural problems often associated with HIV and whether mobile health apps have helped support positive health changes in their lives.

“The key question we’re asking is, how can a health app be designed to respond to the unique health needs of people living with HIV?” Grant Munro, mPOWR’s principle investigator, told BodyPositive.

Munro and his team of researchers are hoping that mPOWR will be useful in targeting some of the unique health concerns of PLHIV, a typically unrepresented segment of the population. HIV research organisations are also excited about the potential of gathering vital lifestyle data from this marginalised group.

Between January and September 2016, researchers will recruit PLHIV to participate in an online survey. User feedback pooled from the survey will help the research team understand key issues faced by PLHIV so they can be integrated into the final app design. There’s no obligation, but all interested parties affected by HIV who wish to contribute to the app design can register at