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Body Positive Board Update - Oct19

Here’s what’s happening with the Body Positive (BP) Board.

The board is wanting to make sure that BP is representing well and doing the best for our members. We are open to feedback and there is still an open invitation and an agenda item for any member to attend the board meeting to provide feedback directly.

New Health Navigator at Body Positive - Sally Cartwright

Body Positive is delighted to welcome Sally Cartwright to the team in the new position of Health Navigator. This is a new project that was made possible through seed funding from the NZAF and ongoing funding from the ViiV Positive Action fund in the UK.

Sally will work with members of the community who are living with and at risk of HIV to identify their needs and aspirations, and then link and co-ordinate access to health care and other support services. Sally is a reliable and stable resource and contact for clients as they move through the health system and access support services. Sally’s role is especially important in assisting people through their initial HIV diagnosis.

Nominations now open for next PLDI Workshop Weekend

We are calling for nominations for the next Who Am I As A Leader? workshop for 18-20 March 2016 to be held in Queensland, Australia.

What is PLDI?
The Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI) Australia offers people living with HIV an opportunity to identify and develop their leadership and resilience skills.

Personalised app responds to unique health needs of HIV-affected groups

A global team of medical researchers from NZ and the UK are developing a transformative health app to help support positive health changes in people living with HIV.

Between January and September 2016, researchers will recruit PLHIV to participate in an online survey. User feedback pooled from the survey will help the research team understand key issues faced by PLHIV so they can be integrated into the final app design. There’s no obligation, but all interested parties affected by HIV who wish to contribute to the app design can register at Read More...

Singapore lifts ban on HIV-positive visitors

Singapore has lifted its two-decade-long ban on HIV-infected people entering the country, but will limit their stay to a maximum of three months.

The health ministry said on Monday that the ban was lifted on 1 April, “given the current context with more than 5,000 Singapore residents living with HIV and the availability of effective treatment for the disease”. The three-month restriction is apparently aimed at preventing long-term residence by foreigners, such as those looking to work in the island-nation or to accompany a child studying here. “The policy on the repatriation and permanent blacklisting of HIV-positive foreigners was recommended in the late 1980s when the disease was new, fatal and no effective treatment was available,” said a ministry spokesman. Read More...

HIV positive workers take less than a week off

The majority of people living with HIV take less than four days off work a year but still find it hard to get protection, research has shown.

The study by medical financial advisers Unusual Risks showed that 89 per cent of HIV positive people took less than a week in sick leave a year.

Meanwhile, 74 per cent said they had taken less than the national average of four days. Read More...

New Body Positive Executive Director Appointed

The Board of Body Positive is pleased to announce that Mark Fisher has been appointed to the role of Executive Director to replace current CEO Bruce Kilmister who is retiring.

Mark is a highly regarded and hugely capable leader with significant experience internationally in the HIV sector. Before moving to New Zealand in 2013 Mark was a Director at The Ontario HIV Treatment Network in Toronto Canada for 8 years and prior to that spent 10 years working at Ontario Public Health Laboratory. Read More...

Retirement after 20 something years is around the corner

Bruce Kilmister will retire from Body Positive at the end of this year. Bruce first enlisted with Body Positive as a Member then shortly after volunteered as a Board Member. He was Chairman for many years and when it was decided to employ Bruce on a part time basis (that’s all we could afford in the early days - $500 per month) he stepped down from the position of Chairman in to the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Bruce will retire but stay on a consultancy contract for 6 months so Body Positive will be able to access him to ensure a smooth transition and strong ongoing momentum. “I’m a phone call away and I will be in often” says Bruce. “I wont be disappearing.” Read More...

Biggest group from New Zealand to travel to Melbourne

The International AIDS Society holds what is referred to as The World AIDS Conference every two years. In 2012 it was in Washington DC, and this year it comes downunder to Melbourne. Read More...

Body Positive Volunteer - Charlie Peters, wins National Award

Charlie Peters is a volunteer at Body Positive, and more often than not is found in the kitchen cooking food for the Friday pot luck lunch or helping others to understand more about their health and how to keep well fed on a budget. With equal apportion, Charlie has been an ambassador for Maori in helping Body Positive to reflect a Maori culture for bi-cultural understanding and inclusiveness for everyone. Read More...