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Body Positive Board Update - Oct19

Here’s what’s happening with the Body Positive (BP) Board.

The board is wanting to make sure that BP is representing well and doing the best for our members. We are open to feedback and there is still an open invitation and an agenda item for any member to attend the board meeting to provide feedback directly.

As you are hopefully aware Body Positive provides a number of benefits to members including:
  • the advocation and representation of member interests at both community and government forums,
  • the annual HIV men’s retreat,
  • treatments updates
  • monthly social plus gatherings in the mains centres
  • peer navigators to provide assistance to newly diagnosed and other people in need
  • STD testing and the BP centre in Auckland and at various venues.

We are about to survey members on how well these are going and also what else we can do with limited resources.

Some other updates from our last Body Positive Board meeting:
  • Currently engaging KPMG to do a feasibility of a pride centre based in Auckland which will replace current rented facilities. This will house other organisations like Rainbow Youth. KPMG are currently surveying community organisation’s to see what interest is out there for being included within the centre. Thanks to a donation from Lotteries BP is not having to fund any of this.
  • At our last Board Meeting we held a special lunch for Karen Ritchie and a small gift (Pounamu ) to thank her for the funding gift from the Cartier Trust. For those that don’t know Karen and a few supporters set up a trust to pay for the funerals of people dying with from HIV inflicted illnesses e.g. aids. The money received from the Cartier Trust (which has wound down and funds split between Positive Women and Body Positive). This will continue to be used for the same purpose and a process is being worked on to distribute these funds as needed.
  • Trying to provide support in prisons and accreditation in order to gain access and provide support. Recently provided training in Christchurch Mens.
  • Also working on a communication link on the BP website to make it easier to provide feedback or even complaints should members which to do so, so that appropriate procedure can be followed – and this includes allowing members to be aware that they can notify the board that they wish to present a complaint if they feel they have an unsatisfactory outcome or wish to bring a matter to the Board’s attention
  • Training of interviewers for the Stigma Index has taken place with 11 will people trained, 200 people to be interviewed within current funding arrangement, with a view to having this completed by December of this year. Positive women is leading this initiative.
  • BP has been working with NZAF and other stakeholders putting together training packages for HIV & Ageing to assist in working with the ‘Silver Rainbow’ community and Aged Care facilities / providers.
  • A joint submission to Pharmac has been developed with the HIV National Forum to gain access to Descovy for people with a clinical need (such as kidney issues).
  • A submission to Pharmac has been made to get “access criteria” to PrEP removed / amended in order to allow for wider access to PrEP.
  • Auckland Sexual Health run a clinic on Monday’s at BP in Auckland.
  • BP has commissioned and published a new pamphlet on PrEP which is now available.
  • Social+ is doing well, These are generously funded by Community Organisational Groups COGs – current applications / funding requests are in to continue this. Trying to set these up in regional centres like Tauranga.
  • Discussion occurred around how well the Café+ event held in Auckland during Pride Week ran. Although it ended in a small loss, the Board along with the management team are looking at how this can be improved upon moving forward as it was a great event, raised the organisation’s and U=U profile. More thought to go into this for the next one – if this is to occur.
  • Currently awaiting funding to update the mural on the wall outside Body Positive House – which will include the U=U message.
  • Looking at having board meetings outside of Auckland to enable greater access by our members
  • BP organises PLDI (Positive Leadership Development Institute) courses. Instead of holding a PLDI course in New Zealand this year, we have sent members to the Australian course. The plan is to hold another New Zealand base course next year with New Zealand instructors so it would be good if members could start thinking about it as it is a great personal development opportunity.
  • The board is reviewing all BP’s policies and updating these to ensure we can still receive funding by providers especially Ministry of Health. We expect to complete these by the end of October but is a mammoth task with dozens of policies requiring updates.
  • The Board has also formed the following subcommittees each with a chair and secretary
o Quality & Risk
o Executive and Management
o Complaints
o Finance and Fundraising
o Constitutional
o Communications

Hopefully this keeps you up to date on what’s happening at the board level. Remember if you want to provide feedback or have any concerns then please contact us via the contacts section of the BP website or turn up to our board meeting in person or via video conference (e.g. skype).