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New Health Navigator at Body Positive - Sally Cartwright

Sally Cartwright - Body Positive Health Navigator
Body Positive is delighted to welcome Sally Cartwright to the team in the new position of Health Navigator. This is a new project that was made possible through seed funding from the NZAF and ongoing funding from the ViiV Positive Action fund in the UK.

Sally will work with members of the community who are living with and at risk of HIV to identify their needs and aspirations, and then link and co-ordinate access to health care and other support services. Sally is a reliable and stable resource and contact for clients as they move through the health system and access support services. Sally’s role is especially important in assisting people through their initial HIV diagnosis.

Sally is an active participant of the LGBTI community and has a qualification in social practice with a major in social work.

“I am passionate about advocating, supporting and assisting people living with HIV. I work from a holistic approach with social, emotional and practical support. ”

Sally works Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm. If you are living with HIV in New Zealand and need any assistance, drop in and have a chat to Sally, or contact her on 0800 HIV LINE or