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Auckland Health Alert - Syphilis

Auckland Syphilis Alert
An important message to men who have sex with men in the Auckland Area

Body Positive has received an update from the Auckland Sexual Health Service that there is a serious increase in syphilis among men who have sex with men in the Auckland Area.

Half of syphilis cases show no symptoms and can only be detected through testing. If you are sexually active it is important that you ensure your GP conducts testing for syphilis and other sexually transmitted infections to ensure you receive appropriate treatment. Body Positive provides Rapid Testing for Syphilis throughout the week at BP House in Auckland and also hosts a free Sexual Health Clinic on Tuesday afternoons.

If you are diagnosed with syphilis it is important to notify also your sexual contacts so that they can have a check-up and treatment as well to help stop the spread of syphilis.

Call us at Body Positive (toll free) on 0800 HIVLINE (0800 448-5463) if you would like to book in for a Rapid Syphilis Test or for a full check-up at our next Tuesday clinic