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Australia announces new National Strategy and targets the elimination of HIV by 2020

Australias national strategy to eliminate HIV by 2020
The National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA) have just announced their endorsement of Australia’s new national strategy that hope to eliminate HIV transmission in Australia by 2020.

Substantial investment from all the State and Federal Health authorities will see targets set to have 90% of People living with HIV on treatment as soon as possible. The elimination of HIV transmission totally by 2020 with a 50% reduction by 2015 – just this time next year. These goals are to be included in the development of Australia’s Seventh National Strategy. Included in the strategy is the availability of medication from community based pharmacies whereas today they can only be dispensed from hospital pharmacies. This move is intended to assist People living with HIV on treatment to maintain easier access to medication.

Australia has only recently introduced Rapid testing for HIV and now seems to take this one step further by increasing the HIV testing rates among people at risk to HIV, such as gay men by allowing the option of self-testing at home.

Editors Note:
Community based pharmacies have always been part of easy access for medication in New Zealand and rapid testing at both Body Positive and NZAF offices have been available in New Zealand for several years at no cost to the community.

What is not stated, is whether these test kits will be provided free of charge in Australia or how much they may cost – especially for take home kits. We would recommend making condoms more freely available, from all sex on site venues as well as free on the public health system.

Australia recorded increases in HIV transmission during 2013 in some areas by up to 33%.

By Bruce Kilmister