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Retirement after 20 something years is around the corner

Bruce Kilmister to retire
Bruce Kilmister will retire from Body Positive at the end of this year. Bruce first enlisted with Body Positive as a Member then shortly after volunteered as a Board Member. He was Chairman for many years and when it was decided to employ Bruce on a part time basis (that’s all we could afford in the early days - $500 per month) he stepped down from the position of Chairman in to the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Making sure the voice of People living with HIV has been the foremost driving philosophy for Bruce who is a strong believer in the 1995 Paris Convention on HIV / AIDS GIPA principles. GIPA stands for the Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV / AIDS in decision making at all levels. Today it is often referred to as MGIPA being More Meaningful Involvement etc.

As Chief Executive Officer at Body Positive Bruce has been responsible for the development and roll out of all of the services the Members now enjoy and finding the funding to keep the place running has been the biggest hurdle he says. Having established a contract with the Ministry of Health was a significant step forward in the history of Body Positive and we have Dr Miller to thank for that in his report on reviewing all HIV services in New Zealand. “However that contract is insufficient to do the work we need“, says Bruce, “as the number of People living with HIV increases every year”.

Bruce will retire but stay on a consultancy contract for 6 months so Body Positive will be able to access him to ensure a smooth transition and strong ongoing momentum. “I’m a phone call away and I will be in often” says Bruce. “I wont be disappearing.”

The Body Positive Board will interview and announce any new appointment.