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MEDIA RELEASE - CEO of Body Positive Inc. to retire

Bruce Kilmister announces retirement
The Board of Body Positive Inc. announces that after more than 20 years of service to the organisation, Chief Executive Officer Bruce Kilmister will retire from BP at the end of this year.

Bruce’s first involvement in BP was so long ago that no records are available to confirm exactly when that was. However, he has certainly been a Member of Body Positive from the mid-nineties, which is a far back as we can go in the archives. In the late nineties Bruce volunteered his time at Body Positive and was Chairman for the next five or six years, when he took up a permanent position of employment at Body Positive in the role of CEO.

During his operation leadership of Body Positive, Bruce has built the organisation up to one that provides an extensive range of services and facilities for People living with HIV/AIDS today. From a tiny office that BP shared with the Burnett Centre in Auckland, BP has grown to accommodate the entire building at Poynton Terrace in Newton. This ideally situated and spacious location has meant that the members have easy access and their needs are well met.

From its humble beginnings, when there were just two part-time volunteers, Body Positive now employs or contracts over 20 staff and service providers. In 2013 Bruce managed the expansion of the organisation’s services to Wellington, and now a Body Positive in the capital can be accessed for people living with HIV/AIDS in that city and the surrounding region.

Bruce is to be acknowledged for Body Positive becoming a respected charitable trust, with a reputation for providing professional service, support and advocacy for people living with HIV throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.