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Under 26 years of age? Then this message is for you..

HPV vaccinations for under 26 year olds
The Government has announced that People Living with HIV under the age of 26 years are now to get free Gardasil Vaccinations. This is to protect against infection from the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which can cause cancers and People Living with HIV are particularly vulnerable to this. Gardasil is also used to vaccinate women from the age of 12 against the virus that causes Cervical cancer.

In particular, Gardasil will prevent anal, penile, cervical, mouth, and throat cancers. HPV is also identified as a main cause for anal warts.

Most people will come into touch sometime in their lives with HPV, but most healthy people with a strong immune system can shrug it off, whereas People living with HIV and a compromised immune system can be vulnerable. HPV can be easily transmitted through touch.

Next time you visit your doctor, talk to him/her about this..

By Bruce Kilmister