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Undetectable equals Uninfectious (U=U)

Body Positive is celebrating the most significant development in the HIV world since the advent of effective combination therapy 20 years ago – people living with HIV who maintain undetectable viral loads through adherence to treatment can confidently declare to their sexual partners “I’m not infectious!” 

Something many of us have assumed for years has been proven to be true by the latest research from the Partner and Opposites Attract study, with or without a condom, if you’ve successfully maintained an undetectable viral load you won’t pass along HIV! It’s time to proudly share this information and have people understand how treatment can help people live longer healthier lives and also prevent the spread of HIV.

This adds to our toolset of prevention programming and is an important step to attaining the UN goals of reducing transmission of HIV. Treatment as prevention is an important component to eliminating HIV transmission.

Body Positive is excited to have signed on to the U=U Consensus Statement of the Prevention Access Campaign and encourage other organisations to sign up and help spread the word that undetectable equals uninfectious (U=U). Get tested, access treatment, become undetectable and live healthy, sexy lives free of stigma!

Mark Fisher
Executive Director
Body Positive Inc.