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HIV in New Zealand - 2019 Statistics

79. AIDS-NZ May 2020-1
The 2019 HIV numbers have been released by the AIDS Epidemiology Group showing an increase in new diagnoses compared to the past two years – up 19% from 2018. Men who have sex with men (MSM) represent 76% of locally acquired diagnoses and have experienced a 27% increase from 2018. Most of the increases are related to people that were infected overseas. These would be New Zealand residents or partners returning to New Zealand as a travel ban is maintained which prevents people living with HIV from staying in New Zealand for more than a year. Amongst MSM overseas infection represents approximately half of the new cases. Local transmission continues to see a slight decline with recent infections (<14 months) remaining stable at 22 cases amongst MSM.

There is a concerning increase amongst Asian Men with an 89% increase to 51 and Asian Men now represent 24% of all diagnoses. More work in prevention, education and engagement in care should be provided to this community.

Encouragingly we have seen a 32% increase in the number of people accessing medication which is higher than the number of new diagnoses. This shows that more people are engaging in care and treatment which maintains their health and stops onward transmission. The UNAIDS goals are to increase the number of people in care and on treatment. 90% knowing their status and 90% being engaged in care with 90% maintaining an undetectable viral load.

Of the 19 people diagnosed with AIDS in 2019, 13 (68%) were diagnosed within 3 months of their HIV diagnosis and had been living with undiagnosed HIV for a long time. This is a slight increase on 2018 but shows that late diagnoses is still a concern with 53% of these being MSM. Regular testing is important to know your status.

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