Auckland Pride 2022
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Auckland Pride 2022

Join Body Positive Inc, NZAF & Positive Women Inc. for the 2022 Auckland Pride March
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For the 2022 Auckland Pride Festival, Body Positive Inc, NZAF & Positive Women Inc. had planned to collaborate on a wonderful joint float for the Pride Parade and presence in the Pride March - celebrating together with the "Can't Pass It On" message, letting everyone know that People living with HIV stay healthy and can't pass on HIV when on treatment.

Unfortunately both the Auckland Pride Parade & Pride March have been cancelled this year, citing a potential health risk now that New Zealand is facing the very real threat of Omicron in the community.

If you registered to participate in the Parade or March, we'd like to thank you for your support, and hopefully you can join us next year for the Auckland Pride 2023!

Thank you for your support,
Body Positive Inc, NZAF & Positive Women Inc.
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