Body Positive Inc. AGM 2020
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Body Positive Inc. Annual General Meeting

1.30pm, Sunday 1st March 2020
Main Lounge, Vaughan Park Retreat Centre, 1043 Beach Road, Long Bay, Auckland

The Body Positive Inc. 2020 Annual General Meeting is rapidly approaching following the Men’s Retreat on Sunday 1st March at Vaughan Park in Long Bay, Auckland. Hopefully you are able to attend.

This is the time when we elect our board members and we are actively seeking nominations from our membership. The Board is comprised of 8 members with each term being for 2 years. We have two positions available for election at this AGM. Damien Rule Neal, Dean Bates, Eden Chandler Knight, Eric Evans, John Hannah and Richie Dudding will be completing the 2nd year of their term.

Please take a moment and see if you can identify a Member you feel would be an asset in the guidance of Body Positive. Note that we are currently under represented in specific skillsets such as accounting, medical and governance and would appreciate your nominations specifically to address these areas. All Nominees need to be full Body Positive Members. (Click here for further details on being a Board Member and what the role may involve)

Thank you for your time and support.

Making a Nomination:

  • Online - Nominations can be made online by using the Online Board Nomination Form
  • Post/Hand-deliver - Alternatively you can download and print the Paper Nomination Form and return it to Body Positive 
  • Nomination forms for the board must be received by noon on Wednesday 26th February 2020
  • If you cannot attend the meeting, you are able to vote by proxy using the Appointment of Proxy Vote Form. This way your voice is heard in the election of your board of representatives.
  1. Karakia and Welcome 
  2. Present / Apologies 
  3. Minutes of last AGM
  4. Matters Arising
  5. Treasurer’s Report & Presentation of Accounts for year ending 30th June 2019 
  6. Chairman’s Report
  7. Kaumatua’s Report
  8. Executive Director’s Report 
  9. Announcement of Nominations to the Board of 2020/21 Election if required. Postal ballot if resolved.
  10. General Discussion 
  11. Close of Meeting

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