Y+: HIV+ Under 35s Support Group
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Y+ Under 35s Group

Body Positive's Support Group for anyone aged Under 35
As a younger HIV+ person you may feel an added sense of isolation because of your age. Y+ is a group run by Body Positive solely for those under the age of 35, giving younger people a safe and comfortable environment in which to socialise and connect with other people around your own age.

The format of each meeting is left open but is always relaxed and social and able to adapt to the direction the group would like to take.
The group meets on average once a month at Body Positive House in Auckland, usually on the first Sunday of each month, and is hosted by Karen Richie from the Cartier Bereavement Charitable Trust who is well known throughout the community.

The group also communicates via a private Facebook group, allowing everyone to chat and connect with each other when they need to.
For more information:
Contact Body Positive on (09) 309 3989 or via .

To confirm the date of the next meeting please refer to the calendar or contact us.
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