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Living with HIV can be very isolating, as people frequently cut themselves off from the world when first diagnosed with HIV. But isolating yourself just makes it worse, and can often lead to to poor health, depression and even suicide.
Body Positive facilitates or supports a range of different support groups for people living with HIV. Attending or joining a support group is a great way to connect and engage with others and meet other like-minded people living with HIV.

Y+ Under 35s Group

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As a younger HIV+ person you may feel an added sense of isolation because of your age. Y+ is a group run by Body Positive solely for those under the age of 35, giving younger people a safe and comfortable environment in which to socialise and connect with other people around your own age.

Tinana Ora & Positive Homestay

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Tinana Ora is Maori for “Body is Alive”

We are a group of Maori, Polynesian and Bi-Cultural men living with HIV.

With our elected Kaumatua, on the Body Positive Board of Trustees, we are able to assist Body Positive in understanding the dynamics when dealing with Maori, Polynesian and Bi-Cultural men with HIV.

Straight Arrows (Heterosexual HIV+ Group)

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Straight Arrows is a social group for heterosexual men and women living with HIV. The groups meets every few months either for a shared lunch/dinner or to participate in an activity such as bowling etc.

This group is currently co-ordinated by Positive Women Inc. For further information or for details of the next meeting please contact Positive Women:
Phone: 09-623-9183

Waikato Support Group

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Body Positive facilitates a support group for those Living with HIV in the Waikato Area in Hamilton each month. The group meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

+SOCIAL (Auckland)

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+SOCIAL in Auckland is a monthly inclusive social event for all people with HIV, their families and significant others to get together and celebrate life in a safe, accessible and friendly environment.

+KIWIS Facebook Group

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+KIWIS is a private Facebook social group for HIV+ people you can use to connect with other positive people around New Zealand the world and hopefully in your hometown. It is administered by Damien Moore who is Body Positive Member living in the South Island, but is open to all people who are living with HIV who would like to join.

6on6 Peer Support

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A 6on6 group consists of a minimum of six HIV+ people plus two HIV+ trained facilitators. The group meets once a week for 6 weeks for two hours. The group meets to discuss issues that affect the lives and are of concern to HIV+ people, in a non-threatening, nonjudgmental environment. It is a forum for HIV+ people to take back control over their lives and reduce any feelings of isolation.

Club Pheonix

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Club Phoenix is a monthly social event for members in Auckland.

Body Positive house will be open from 6-9pm on the first Wednesday of each month. At each evening a different movie will be shown, and a selection of yummy pizza's and hot/cold non-alcoholic beverages provided.

Wellington Support Group

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Body Positive facilitates a support group for those Living with HIV in the Wellington Area which meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the city.

Other Groups

Body Positive is very keen to help initiate and develop additional support groups for other areas of our community.

If you have any suggestions for additional groups, or if you would like to volunteer your time to help start or facilitate a new group, please contact us.
Those currently under consideration are:

Positive Partners - A support group for negative partners of people living with HIV.
Asian Group - Support group for people of Asian Ethnicity who are Living with HIV.
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