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Awhi Mai Awhi Atu To Comfort, Stand and Support

Positive Homestay

When arriving from outside of Auckland, it can be overwhelming being in a new city.
  • not knowing where you are
  • not knowing where to go
With Positive Homestay you don’t have to feel disoriented. Your host can help you find your way through amenities, transport and to appointments.

Positive Homestay is a home away from home where your comfort is in good hands. The Positive Homestay service is facilitated by the Tinara Ora group and is available to people living with HIV from all nationalities who need a temporary place to stay when visiting Auckland


  • A host Living with HIV
  • A safe and secure environment
  • Discretion
  • A genuine understanding from your host, on what you are going through

How to apply for Positive Homestay

Step 1
Register with Body Positive to be eligible

Step 2
Apply for a homestay

Step 3
Body Positive will allocate a suitable host at your request

Step 4
You will be given an itinerary detailing dates, your hosts contact details, and a location map
At the end of your homestay your comments are valued. Please fill out our feedback form.
Note: Relocation to another host, once issued an original host will not be permitted

Tinana Ora

Tinana Ora is Maori for “Body is Alive”

We are a group of Maori, Polynesian and Bi-Cultural men living with HIV.
With our elected Kaumatua, on the Body Positive Board of Trustees, we are able to assist Body Positive in understanding the dynamics when dealing with Maori, Polynesian and Bi-Cultural men with HIV.
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