+KIWI Facebook Group


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+KIWIS is a private Facebook social group for HIV+ people you can use to connect with other positive people in and around New Zealand and maybe in your hometown. Is open to all people who are living with HIV who would like to join.

To join the private group, simply email Damien at: damien_moore@vodafone.co.nz or
message him on Facebook at:

Listed are a few guides from the moderators within the group (There are 6 of us to ensure that there is national coverage for the group from the bottom of the South Island to the top of the North Island):
  • NO ONE can see what you post in the group that is NOT a member
  • The group is run through Facebook, but is listed under the private/secret group section and it cannot be searched for. THIS IS A PRIVATE CONFIDENTIAL GROUP and cannot be seen in your everyday newsfeed by others. I NEED TO STRESS THAT TO YOU, IT IS A SAFE SPACE.
  • Every person in this group is HIV+.
  • Debate and discussion is welcomed, in fact it is what we enjoy. Information is power and the more power we have the more we understand.
  • We grow information around HIV and treatments, supports as we get it and welcome any new information for New Zealand
  • We have a travelling network of home stays for Positive people in NZ.
  • We welcome relevant articles, links, events and opportunities about HIV and the related community.
  • +KIWIS NZ is about growing, making new friends, and knowing you are not alone.
  • If you feel that any of this hits home with you then feel free to contact me. You don't have to join the group straight away.

If you disagree with any of these points or would like to add something, please let me know, +KIWIS belongs to all of us. Feedback, information is always welcomed.

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