Past Events

Past Events

21-23 April

to 23 Apr

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HIV+ Men’s Retreat 2017
21st - 23rd April
Vaughan Park, Long Bay, Auckland

The 2017 annual HIV+ Men’s Retreat was held from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd April, at Vaughan Park in Long Bay just north of Auckland.
It was fully booked and everyone had a wonderful weekend.

The aim of the retreat is provide the opportunity to meet with other HIV positive men, provide opportunities to develop a support network, to create a safe and supportive environment for HIV positive men to discuss and share information, and to take time out - to facilitate rest, recreation and to revitalise yourself.

7 March


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Wills & Power of Attorney Workshop
4.30pm, Tuesday 7th March
Body Positive House, Auckland

Body Positive hosted a free workshop for members on Tuesday 7th March at 4.30pm. The workshop was held by Tony Walker who is a partner at LawWorks. During the meeting the participants learned about important legal aspects of preparing their Will and the use of Power of Attorney for the benefit of themselves and their loved ones.

What will happen to your belongings if you do not have a will?
What happens to your assets and who can make decisions for you if you are unwell?
Where do you want your final resting place?
Are there people who are close to you that you want to leave something behind to?

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