6on6 Support Group
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6on6 Peer Support

A 6on6 group consists of a minimum of six HIV+ people plus two HIV+ trained facilitators. The group meets once a week for 6 weeks for two hours. The group meets to discuss issues that affect the lives and are of concern to HIV+ people, in a non-threatening, nonjudgmental environment. It is a forum for HIV+ people to take back control over their lives and reduce any feelings of isolation.
A 6on6 group offers a venue where HIV+ people can learn from the shared experiences of others. Most participants say they are glad they attended the 6on6 because they feel they now know more about the whole HIV picture and less overwhelmed about the technical stuff around HIV.


  • Provide a safe place to find out information and also to express feelings (of sadness, fear, guilt, anger, loneliness etc.), discuss topics such as sex issues, disclosure, work/employment, treatment and medical issues etc. The members of the group decide on ground rules, discussion topics and whether they want guest speakers invited to present.
  • To explore quality of life options and how others deal and live with HIV.
  • Find practical ways to live day by day with the virus.
  • Establish support networks with other Body Positive members


Confidentiality is of paramount importance. It is at the core of the 6on6. It needs to be respected so that everyone feels comfortable. Group members are asked to commit to not talking about what goes on in the group in a way that may reveal the identity of a group member.
To join the next group:
The groups run based on current demand. Simply contact us to add your name to the list for the next available group or for any further information on the 6on6.

Important Information

6on6 groups run for 6 weeks for two hours per week. The group is run by two trained facilitators who are themselves HIV+. No new members are admitted after the group has started without group consent. All members are HIV+ and are there to support one another in a nonjudgmental environment. The groups are a safe space for HIV+ people to simply be themselves. Groups are a golden opportunity to meet others who are HIV+ and share experiences that can help break down any feeling of isolation.


Punctuality is important. This is courtesy to others in the group. The meetings will start on time each week. If you are unable to attend then let a group facilitator know in advance. Attend every week if possible. Regular attendance is important to maintain group solidarity. The group is not the same if you are not there for the meeting. Maintain Confidentiality.
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