Body Positive Inc. is a group founded by and run for people with HIV/AIDS. We welcome all people living with HIV and AIDS in New Zealand.

Body Positive Inc. breaks down isolation and builds a sense of community while advocating on behalf of HIV+ people on a national level.
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HIV+ Men’s Retreat 2016

The annual HIV+ Men’s Retreat will be held again this year between Friday 18th to Sunday 20th March, the Retreat will once again be held at Vaughan Park in Long Bay just north of Auckland.

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The Great Auckland
Pride Debate

Fri 12th Feb 2016
Team Jacinda vs Team Nikki
Tickets available now from Body Positive Reception
It sold out fast last time, so get your tickets quick!!!
Proceeds are very kindly being donated to Body Positive Inc.
Special Guest Judges

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Community Education Series
Lets Talk
About HIV
25th February 2016
Topic - HIV & Women
Refreshments will be provided
Monthly Topics
Plain Language
Easy To Understand
No Jargon
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Wellness Fund
for people living with HIV in New Zealand
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Every little bit helps
TXT2Give is an simple way for Vodafone customers to make a quick and easy donation to Body Positive Inc.

To donate, simply:

txt HIV to
to make a
$3 donation
txt HIV to
to make a
$10 donation
txt HIV to
to make a
$5 donation
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